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Aitraaz received several accolades, particularly for Chopra. The film tells the story of a man accused of sexual harassment by his female superior.

British Board of Film Classification. It is inspired by the American film Disclosure.

Raj protests to his demands and Sonia takes revenge of this protest but ulitimately Priya saves Raj. The film's trailers and the film's music aided its marketing.

Want to See Not Interested. Initially, the bulk of the evidence is against Raj and the case gains widespread media attention. It has been noted for its bold subject of sexual harassment. He doesn't fight for applause.

It was refreshing to see Kareena Kapoor in a mature role. Priyanka Chopra will amaze viewers.

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The music topped charts on a number of platforms in India. As he leaves, Sonia threatens to punish him for spurning her. Raj protests to his demands and Sonia takes revenge of this protest but ulitimately Priya sa Here, on the movie page, you will find every thing that you need to know. He has grown immensely as an actor, and he did superb in the movie. The next day, rey telugu movie mp3 songs doregama he learns that Sonia has told her husband that he sexually harassed her.

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Vikram Bhatt's Inteha and Aitbaar were based on same theme inspired by Hollywood movies. And the directors really showed that they are among the top.


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Its totally different from the rest. Join the Club Add to My Movies. Best Actor in a Negative Role. As the predatory social-climbing seductress who can go to any length to satiate her lust for life, Priyanka Chopra rocks the scene like never before.

It is implied that Raj may have encountered Sonia previously. The film opened to excellent occupancy in metros and decent at other places. Priya wins the case and Roy leaves Sonia.

Aitraaz Theatrical release poster. We recommend you to start with Aitraaz trailer to get a hang of the movie. List of all songs of Aitraaz. Check out what others are saying about the movie on twitter.

She then aggressively tries to pursue Raj, who resists. Although he repeatedly rejects her advances, Sonia continues trying to seduce him. Raj Malhotra is living a peaceful life with his wife Priya Kareena Kapoor. Priyanka does an exceptional job in the film.

He fights for his convictions. Priya is surprised that Sonia is the wife of the much older Mr Roy. Priya continues the case after Chauthrani's injury.

Best Performance in a Negative Role. At a party, Raj, accompanied by Priya, learns about his new boss, Sonia Roy.


After the tape is proven genuine, Chauthrani is struck by a car driven by a goon hired by Sonia and the tape is destroyed. Sonia makes provocative and sexually explicit statements to Raj, who ignores her. Related News Inkaar inspired by Aitraaz? But, destiny has some other plans for him and his ex-grilfriend Sonia Priyanka comes back into his life and tries to entice Raj. Guilt-stricken and humiliated, Sonia commits suicide by jumping from a building.

She also praised the music and choreography. Five years earlier, Raj and Sonia then a model meet at a beach in Cape Town. Raj needs Sonia's permission to stop production, and she invites him to her house to discuss the matter. It is revealed that Sonia married Roy for money, power, and status, but when he could not satisfy her sexually, she tried to resume her relationship with Raj.

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The soundtrack was generally well received by music critics, who praised its lyrics and vocals. While Sudhir Mishra is taking the credi. Akshay Kumar also shines in the film. Add a Synopsis Read Aitraaz plot.

Get the up-to-date news updates of Aitraaz, as it happens. She exposes Sonia's earlier relationship with Raj in Cape Town and finally plays Rakesh's voice mail to the court - revealing what really occurred between Raj and Sonia.

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Write your own Trivia or Blooper. This movie is one that should not be missed. Theatrical release poster. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Raj's bank manager returns from Bangkok and gives him a tape that recorded Raj's encounter at Sonia's house.