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Advanced Android Development code Codelab-based Learn ways to expand the user experience and improve your app's performance. Perform network operations using Cronet. Get started with instant apps.

Concurrent Programming with David Gassner Make your Android apps more efficient with concurrent programming. This end-to-end course teaches you basic Android programming concepts. Get Android tips and tricks for managing your apps, taking better video and photos, nero dvd software and more. Find out how to support video and audio playback using either the system widgets or Google ExoPlayer. Audio and Video Kevin Moore.

Remember and authenticate users. Building effective unit tests.

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Explore the Android security model, and learn techniques to increasingly harden an Android app, secure known vulnerabilities, and test your work. Google Play Install Referrer.

Get a new tip every Wednesday that can help you code smarter and create fast, reliable apps that look great. Each lesson includes a codelab with solution code in GitHub, concept documentation, and a slide deck.

Codelabs are free, self-paced, online modules. Learn how to use keyword research, indexing, deep linking, and outstanding visuals to increase your app ranking and reach more customers. Learn how to build your first Android app, add functionality to the app, connect to the internet, and set up databases. Learn how to build your first application with Kotlin in this quick overview.

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Android Developer Fundamentals code Codelab-based This end-to-end course teaches you basic Android programming concepts. Adding a Google Map to your app code Codelab-based Build an app that integrates Google Maps and uses features like location markers, map styling, Street View, and location tracking. Improving layout performance. Manage device awake state.

Advanced Android Development (Java)

Learn Anywhere Switch between devices without losing your place. Transmit network data using Volley. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think of our site. Learn to architect and develop Android apps in Kotlin, using industry-proven tools and libraries.

This is a free, self-paced course. Build an app that integrates Google Maps and uses features like location markers, map styling, Street View, and location tracking.

Welcome to the Android developer guides. Learn how to internationalize your app and develop a process for localizing it for other languages and locales.

If you're brand new to Android and want to jump into code, start with the Build Your First App tutorial. Learn how to create an Android app by following along with the pros in these video tutorials. Each codelab includes a tutorial with solution code in GitHub.

Learn how to customize and configure your device and manage email, phone calls, calendars, and data. Explore advanced topics including intents, hermetic test environment, and IdlingResource.

Take a tour of new features and changes that will affect all Android developers, such as new permissions and scoped storage. Android Development for Beginners videocam Video-based A free, self-paced series of courses for aspiring Android developers.

Communicate with wireless devices. All courses are also available individually at no cost. The Associate Android Developer Exam demonstrates the type of skill that an entry-level Android Developer should have as they begin their career. Expert Teachers Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching.

Learn the fundamentals of digital accessibility and usability for the Android platform. Save data in a local database.