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Only write me if you are serious. One is Doyle Hall where a ghostly nun turns on the showers. Rumored to once have been a brothel, the tavern is believed to be haunted by a murdered prostitute named Emily. It's worth giving it a shot.

Since he was unable to pay his tab, his name still remains in the computer log. The world is waiting for me! The unoccupied second floor is the site of most of the haunting claims.

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This courthouse is said to be haunted by a former judge who died after complications from surgery. Some say if you drive down the street slowly you will see black figures begin to follow the car and see handprints appear on the windows. There's probably a good reason its used by a bank because humans sense its not habitable at night.

This place is a hot spot for cryptid activity. This spot, as urban legend tells it, is haunted by the apparitions of a small boy and a man. Facebook twitter Pinterest google blogspot Instagram tumblr.

There is a large forest where you can find symbols marked on trees, as well as abandoned buildings. The mansion that was home to several Texas governors is said to be haunted. Sam Houston lived, died, and was funeralized in this house.

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The ghost is believed to be the original owner Charlie Wunsche. Vague reports of paranormal activity here but no solid details. The urban legends on witch stories never fail to slay me.

Trying to meet new people. It seems out of place in new location. Submitted by Callum Swift. She has also been seen by motorists staring down into the street late at night. They were said to have died in a trailer park long ago when one was murdered and the other burned to death in a fire.

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The historic building was supposed to serve as the county courthouse, but an outbreak of yellow fever saw the judicial court moved to a nearby township. It is located behind and off to the side of the Gift Shop. So the story goes, dating beautiful she and her daughter were killed by soldiers in the s. If it is just sex you are looking for do not bother.

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Although it hasn't been in use since the s, this unit, an abandoned death row, is said to be haunted. Submitted by Chris Berglund. The historic inn was built by a merchant seaman, and is allegedly haunted by the former owner, his daughter and three other separate entities.

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She has been seen pacing the hallways and walking in and out of rooms in owners suites. It had fallen into disrepair by the s, and it was purchased and renovated as an inn in the s. There are three popular spots with the haunts at St. Elder Street Artists Lofts, formerly the Jefferson Davis Hospital, is said to be haunted by deceased hospital patients. This location has had numerous sightings of Slenderman.

Locals warn visitors here not to provoke the spirits, as ghosts have been known to follow visitors home. Although some gravesites were moved, it is said that the actual remains were not transferred along with them. This site formerly was an H. Supposedly rife with spirited activity.

Before the location was bought by H. It is said that if you park your car on it at night, you will hear tapping all over it. Don't wait for miracle, just for me!

Rumor has it that the ghost at this hotel is the spirit of a man, Jack, who committed suicide by jumping off the balcony. The haunting tales usually center around an elevator shaft where one or more people plunged to their deaths. We will make a good coupl Hi All!

Urban legend has it that if you turn off your headlights and drive around the corner to the bridge slowly, a mist will form into person-shape. The apparition of a woman in white haunts the apartment complex. My life is too empty without you. My body is athletic, and I live alone. In the administrative building of the chemical plant, muslim matchmaking toronto the apparition of a tall pale man has been seen wandering the corridors.

The unusually pointy and turreted private home at Wichita St. No amount of cleaning could restore the color of the statue. Haunted Austin, Texas Scott A. It is said to be the spirit of an older woman who died in a car accident here.

Objects have been reported to move and disappear, reappearing in different places. Edward's University, according to student lore. Folks say from the loft you can hear the sounds of unseen people walking beneath you and even see their footprints in the gravel below, leading to the house.

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  • According to reports, the north bedroom is haunted by former governor Pendleton Murrah's nineteen year old nephew.
  • He is believed to be a former worker who died in an explosion here.
  • My body is about average, and I live alone.
  1. House has a dark energy around it at night.
  2. The car will feel very cold in spots.
  3. It is rumoured to be haunted by those who were kept there prior to their burial, and were unable to move on.
  4. This one is just as fascinating.

Many were unmarked, suspected to be cholera and yellow fever victims. Apparently, unable to let his work go, even after death, he continues to haunt the building. Staff have reported that doors open and close by themselves and medicine has been knocked to the ground before their eyes. We will make a good coupl Heyyy! Although the place now houses a quaint antiques store, sinopsis dating agency some of the former theatre performers appear to have never left.

Davis himself is said to haunt this hospital. Employees here have witnessed footstep sounds and elevators opening by themselves. The ghost of a girl apparently haunts the apartment complex. He shot himself when the girl he loved refused his offer of marriage. My life is so empty without you.

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