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Moira RogersBy Moira Rogers

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty 2)

Is he still staring at me? You submitted the following rating and review. He was strong and handsome enough, and he was new to town, which at least made him interesting. Other than that, I liked the relationship between Hazel and Oliver. She's a woman who knows what she wants, and I absolutely adore heroines with that kind of gumption.

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And sure enough it almost happened. Hazel finally decides she isn't waiting for Oliver any more and goes home with a new wolf in town, but Hazel's wolf didn't want anything to do with him and attacks him.

Close Dialog Are you sure? And Oliver has some pent up rogrrs going on. She's a woman who knows what she wants Of these three novellas, I thought Wild Card was the best.

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty 2) by Moira Rogers - Read Online

Hazel pushed him back into the chair and followed him. Hazel has had a crush on Oliver for years, but he seems uninterested. Ante Up was the novella I thought Mira like most.

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty 2)

When Oliver happens across Hazel being pressured by a local who wants to be her first, it awakens protective instincts he thought he'd set aside with the death of his wife five years ago. It's paranormal erotic romance it was a really hot read! With Hazel in heat and no time to get her to safety, they wind up in a fishing shack on Lonely River. Hazel closed her eyes, propped her chin on her hand and, for the fifth time that day, told herself it was time to be a good girl and fuck Noah Hampton.

At night, when their h How do you make a Moira Rogers? How do you make a Moira Rogers? The Dynamic Duo that makes up the talented Moira Rogers certainly know how to spin a good yarn. Rogers website to get the background on this series. Just enough world-building to nudge the story along and keep me curious.

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty 2) by Moira Rogers - Read Online

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Hazel has no intention of settling for anything less than Oliver's full surrender. She settled on his lap and curled an arm around his neck before. Then he walked to the bar and nodded his head.

No one had mentioned craving one man so desperately even her wolf would have nothing to do with anyone else. Are you sure you want to continue? By day, Bree and Donna are mild-mannered ladies who reside in the Deep South.

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty 2) by Moira Rogers

With Hazel in heat and no time to get her to safety, they wind up in a fishing shack on Lonely River, waiting for her mating fever to pass. After reading the last book I was intrigued to see how Hazel would handle coming into her mating time, but only wanting Oliver.

His gaze swept the room and landed on her, hesitating for just a moment. Shifters but not much of that happening. Once she explains what happened Oliver decides he has Hazel has had a crush on Oliver for years, but he seems uninterested. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Item s unavailable for purchase. To be so infatuated with someone that your wolf won't accept anyone else has to be its own special kind of hell. Open Preview See a Problem? If you are looking for a paranormal novella to turn up the heat you can't go wrong with Down and Dirty!

But Oliver seems to feel nothing for her but fond kindness, and the time has come to choose a mate before the wolf makes the choice for her. Take a former forensic science and nursing student obsessed with paranormal romance and add a computer programmer with a passion for gritty urban fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Oh, I adore Hazel and Oliver together. Loved the continuation of this series with the focus being on Hazel and Oliver!

The scenes were good, but the story was too fast. Can you join me for a drink?

This book was ok, I'm not really into short stories, I needed more. Hazel and Ollie seemed more like acquaintances. Lottie cleared her throat.

Unimportant, unremarkable. And the man she wants doesn't want anything to do with her! Hazel's the cause of much trouble between werewolves and humans, you see, because she's going into her first mating heat. When she's in trouble, however, something inside Oliver snaps. Everyone else spoke of their first mating as if it had been a casual thing.

Even with her back to Oliver, she could feel his presence, and her hands trembled as she poured a shot and tried not to listen to his voice as Lottie talked to him. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Apparently she has only had eyes for Oliver.

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty 2) by Moira Rogers

We're introduced to Hazel, the heroine of Calling the Bluff, in Wild Card, boilermakers dream and her transformation from novella to novella is startling. Browse author series lists Calling the Bluff.

Her skin tingled and arousal crept through her, persistent and demanding as she gave in and lifted her gaze to the door. So my feelings are the same for all three. Also, I loved how the mating trope is not necessarily a good thing in this universe, as it kind of messes with Hazel's head. Now she fights for valling, and her reputation is as legendary as her stone-cold heart. Even without looking she could feel his gaze on her, a heavy weight fraught with anticipation.