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They are all great and each one has come into their own at different points in the series, but in Afterlife I feel you get a complete picture of them. Patrice, I was desperate for her arrival. Love can make people overcome insurmountable problems. The great author gives us a basis for our imaginations to interpret how we see free. They've overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them, but is their love strong enough to survive the challenges after life?

Balthazar is my fantasy boyfriend. This is not the undying love that the story was centered around. She could help them, except that it takes her, what?

After the previous book, and more being this the last of the saga, my expectations were high. Yes, we already knew this of course, but come on girl, get a barbie doll to play with or something.

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With Bianca being a wraith and Lucas being a vampire, them ever having a chance of being together is slim to none. Even I have more maternal instincts than that! Gray managed to move this story along so quickly with enough turns for minor whiplash, and it works. The previous books amazed me and I enjoyed them so much that I actually feel angry that this is how Gray decided to end the series.

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And those were the same feelings I had when I began reading Afterlife. We promise, Afterlife is a fitting end to the Evernight series. The book starts off where Hourglass finishes. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

And I was simply disappointed. Vic - Not sure, he was left standing with Maxie.

It's amazing how the story develops, and it encourages you to just keep reading and reading. After Lucas rises, he immediately takes o What a complete disappointment. It was nice to know more about the wraiths and their side of the story.

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It was not the stereotypical male role. It takes time to really, truly fall for someone. The ending is something no one saw coming and was amazing.

First off, it was so slow going and almost painful to read. What a complete disappointment. Where is that sweet rocking girl who went to the prom? And Lucas was just now an ordinary guy, like, this whole plot wasn't working. Bethany accepts him and gives him sanctuary.

Not as good as the third one which I totally loved and is by far my favorite. Is that supposed to be comforting? There is only one place Lucas can turn for help. She hopes her parents will welcome her back even though she is now a wraith. Afterlife marks the riveting conclusion to the love story that began in Evernight.

Lucas didn't kill any humans to satisfy his bloodlust, Bianca saving the day time and time again. In the end, everything is too perfect. Bethany to r This has to be one of the most disappointing books that I have ever read.

We have amazing reading challenges going on all the time. Lucas need to learn how to control his bloodlust and the only place that can help him is Evernight Academy, which is the worst place for a powerful wraith like Bianca. Not to say the writing was bad in Afterlife, just not as good as Delirium. Her main concern was that she couldn't have sex with Lucas! Keeping the series at four books feels right for the story.

But Claudia Gray is a very smart author, she knew how to caught you so much into the story, and when you think you're going into a dead-end no pun intended xD there Hello everyone! Afterlife by Claudia Gray. Hi Claudia, thank you for accepting my friend request! Gray's writing structure and style seem Very disappointing end to the series. Overall, cloud computing abstract Afterlife was an easy read that you'll like if you love the Evernight series.

She kept taking her frustrations out on Balthazer, and often my favourite scenes were when he snapped back at her. She is also trying to maintain her relationship with Lucas now that he is a vampire. It was too long for its scant plot.

Claudia Gray

And now, I wait for it to come out. However, I am really glad that I did. She seems to be fearless with her choices yet haphazardly so.

In saying that, I do agree that she did indeed redeem herself. Instead of getting tense when yet again something happened, I found myself rolling my eyes.

Things aren't getting any easier for Lucas and Bianca. Can anyone give me some spoilers that will happen in Afterlife?

Throughout the story Bianca and Lucas try to discover why the traps have been set and why. Originally I thought it didn't make sense, as if it worked for him, it should for her aswell, but of course, she doesn't have a body.

Claudia Gray

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Afterlife (Evernight Book 4) by Claudia Gray (ebook)

And Bianca turns into, more or less, his psychiatrist. One of my all time favorite lines of the book dealt with Vic. This is really the ending and I'm terribly disappointed.