Dating mahjong sets, antique & vintage mahjong sets

Click the picture for a closer view! Another material used in the production of mahjong sets is French Ivory, a celluloid formulated by John Hyatt in the s. However, the case is what sets itself apart from the pack. One rule though remains constant in mahjong, which is four players are required to play the game.

The other factors for value are the details of the carving and painting, and the images. Apart from being a regular leisure time, dating hiv it also became a serious game for gamblers. An example of a dark jade tile from the collection of the same collector who owns the ivory tiles shown above. They are therefore more valuable than bone or plastic sets.

Antique & Vintage Mahjong Sets

The appraiser considered this definitive, but I haven't tried it. Bakelite sets from the s, most popular online s and s are highly sought after. The Haversian system may also show up as streaks on the tiles. At the very bottom of this post you will see the news about my newest book that will help you understand the value of your vintage plastic sets. The case is not the typical western case.

This One Dot from Katherine Hartman's collection is unusual because of the two peaches on the inside, surrounded by two bats. If it is bone, how thick is the bone versus the thickness of the bamboo? And the last tile is from a set made in the s to s, the kind you see in boxes with sliding tops. Early celluloid was extremely flammable and burned with the smell of camphor and nitric acid.

Guide for Collectors

Bone tiles will usually show somewhere, even if only a few tiles, the Haversian system found only in bone. By the late s, interest in the game began to wane. And if the box is beautiful, ornately carved or inlaid with bone, you can add several hundred dollars to the set's value. The set of tiles used and the rules followed in mahjong may vary depending on the country where it is played. And this set is wonderful too, because the scene continues from one tile to the next.

It is unlikely that many Mah Jongg tiles were made from celluloid, since it was more expensive to produce than the other plastics by the time Mah Jongg tiles were being mass manufactured. It was proven to be effective when the effects can still be observed even after one month of no playing. The tiles may be carved and painted directly on the wood, or may have paper or plastic stickers on them. Ivory does not have this system, so any indication of the Haversian system is a strong indication of bone. Again these are collected more as a curiosity, 7 signs you're dating the since they are difficult to play with.

FAQ 7g Determining the Age of a Mah-Jongg Set

That's a tough question, and there are many things to consider. Is the bone dovetailed into bamboo, or ebony or horn? It too could be hand-carved. In addition, you see the unusual Flowers, with scenes of a marriage, an unusual bird and perhaps Buddha's hand One Bam, dating service walnut creek and a One Dot that is not your everyday circle or head of a flower.

FAQ 7c - How to Identify What Mah Jongg Tiles Are Made Of

It was developed as a direct substitute for ivory and tortoiseshell. Being popular in the west, American mahjong set were manufactured differently for Americans. If your tiles are pristine, you will get more for your set. So you can see how a wonderful box can add value, hundreds of dollars, to your set's worth. The auctions are tricky because many highly desirable sets that sell for a lot of money only have bids in the last couple of minutes.

  • Fishbone tiles also have very sharp edges which sometimes show very fine chipping of the edges.
  • Do the Flower images go from one tile to the next?
  • Such engravings show very rounded curves.
  • By demand, Mahjong has increased its popularity not only in Asia but also in America.

Collectors Weekly

Just make sure no bets are included. Tiles that are dovetailed, with two different colors of bakelite dovetailed together, are also valuable. Here is a website that will help you learn the difference between ivory and bone. Ivory is best identified by an expert, but there are some indicators of true ivory.

Dating mahjong sets

Antique & Vintage Mahjong Sets

If it is rare, you know you have something unusual and perhaps valuable. The priciest of mahjong sets sold at auction includes a Chinese cherrywood mahjong box with double brass handles. Some collectors also say that Catalin tends to be more translucent at least less opaque than Bakelite. Darker, dirtier-looking bone is likely Chinese bone, not American bone. The actual paint used in the symbols on modern fishbone sets are usually much brighter, bordering on gaudy, garish colours.

FAQ 7g How Old Is My Mah-Jongg Set

  1. You should also look at the Buy It Now listings.
  2. Here the Flowers are like those often seen, but the White Dragon middle tile top row isn't, making the set interesting.
  3. Although close to years old, the dovetail still looks pretty tight.
  4. After using, the tiles and racks can be stored easily inside its included soft bag case.

As its scope widens, different mahjong sets were created as the usual number of tiles are increased by Westerners. As noted above, ivory mah-jongg sets are rare. Collectors of older set find these bright tiles somewhat garish. One Dots can make a difference too. It is no surprise this box auctioned on Liveauctioneers holds an ivory set.

Getting an Idea of Your Mahjong Set s Value Mahjong Treasures

Normal Flowers but beautifully and delicately carved, with green backs, making this set desirable. These two are from mahjongmahjong. If you are thinking about selling your set, or just want to enjoy playing with it, you may want to add jokers to play by National Mah Jongg League rules.

Bakelite mahjong sets are American-made. Notable Auction Sales The priciest of mahjong sets sold at auction includes a Chinese cherrywood mahjong box with double brass handles. Just like every other card game like blackjack or poker, Mahjong can be a serious and competitive game due to the involvement of money. People then had no trouble acquiring these sets as they were readily available and also reasonably priced.

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The above set was auctioned off at Vero Beach Auctioneers. Their sets featured Arabic numeral inscriptions. Continuous Flowers command more money.

Antique Mah Jong Sets

The following ones are somewhat unusual Dots, increasing the value of the sets. It comes from a sought-after set, though, that is an homage to a very elaborate set made in the s. Make sure of what is being offered before you buy. We will start with bone tiles. These have some value to collectors.

Antique Mah Jong Sets

The traditional way of mahjong involves the use of ivory and bone, however, plastics such as nylon has been introduced and became more of a standard. It was made from a mixture of phenol carbolic acid and formaldehyde. The company also sold mahjong sets that showcased dragon features under their Dragon line. If anyone has more information on this subject, they are asked to advise us by emailing the Webmaster.

Bakelite became most widely used during the s, when the Great Depression created a need for cheap manufacturing materials. If the box is in good shape, you are ahead of the game. Are there discolorations, markings, dents or flea bites?

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