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The circular tops and bottoms were cut out with shears, and soldered to the body with the aid of a zinc chloride flux. Mandated many health requirements, though no special wording. In addition, a tribe's own laws might dictate tribal tax rates or enforcement mechanisms not captured in this report. Also established guidelines for links between foods and health related conditions. The tin is in excellent shape as can be seen in the photos below.

Tobacco Tins

Many of them are listed in the catalogs put out by the late Sherwood Springer. Use of trade names and commercial sources is for identification only and does not imply endorsement by the U. Many companies have gone through name changes ownership, brands, logos, trademarks, mergers because of growth or merging.

They operated in similar fashion. For this reason, some items on this page will be unavailable. If someone knows when the familiar and numbers were introduced as well as the Area Code system, I'd like to hear about it. Thirty-four states have federal reservation land within their borders.

Cigarette Tax Stamp Contract

The other three metallic objects were used in connection with the cotton tax of that was part of the Agricultural Adjustment Act. In this illustration the rather bedraggled stamp on the left is the four-ounce from that series. Early paper labels were printed on hand-made paper and wooden presses. The tax has been applied to contracts, tenancy agreements, wills etc. Imported cigars and cigarettes had different tax rates and stamps as well.

In America, this practice was discontinued at a later time. The cone-top can allowed beer bottlers to retain their old bottling equipment. This could be done in a hole-in-cap can c.

Dating tins isn't difficult to do, though it may involve some of your time. In the next clip from the article there was more information given in terms of the changes in the taxation system used for tobacco. These are denominated in cents per pound - sixteen cents for tobacco with stems and thirty-two cents for tobacco without them. Applying tax stamps to tobacco products, which provides documentation that taxes have been paid, is an important tool to combat illicit trade. There are a great many kinds of revenue stamps in the world, and it is likely that many remain unrecorded.

Dating an old tin of tobacco by the tax stamps

The Ottoman Empire and the World-Economy. This attractive label is an example. Index to Wisconsin Brewery and Related Articles. The photos included in the article are similar to the stamp on the tin I have. It is slightly torn but the stamping is readable.

Reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

What are the implications for public health practice? Some very obvious clues may not be sufficient, may be misleading, or have to be combined with other knowns to arrive at an accurate or close approximate date. The strip stamps that were found over the tops of bottles of hard liquor are still in the taxpaid category.

This process can turn out to be both fun and personally rewarding. The lid can be seen in the photo below. Hand-soldered seams - Globby, irregular bands of lead solder along edges and around top, cap, free lds dating online and base of can.

Cigar Boxes - How Old Is My Cigar Box

These numbers may also identify a label stock number but most likely would be identified as No. Note all measurements should be made in inches and sixteenths of an inch Hole-and-cap - Can lids have central cap where food was inserted before sealing. What is already known on this topic? At some time, tin collectors want to know something about the history behind their tins or more often, restaurant dating games how old they are. Those cans had to be opened by partially rem oving the lids.

Knowing that the stamps were over-stamped after March the tin I have would thus have to be pre-March of that year. Although India is only one of several countries that have used tax stamps on legal documents, it was one of the most prolific users. It would be interesting to do this for a particular company from time to time.

What is added by this report? Often the stamp will be fixed across a seal so that on opening the pack or bottle the stamp is destroyed. Three states North Carolina, North Dakota, and South Carolina did not require any stamps, making tax collection more difficult and potentially facilitating illicit trade. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Revenue stamps.

Both national and local entities have issued them. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. That seemed like a good place to start in the search to date the tin.

Tobacco Tins


Other stamps were required for moving and warehousing alcohol. The beer and malt liquor stamps were once considered as taxpaids, but they are now Scott-listed. For instance, the producer may buy stamps from the government which are then affixed to each bottle of alcohol or packet of cigarettes to show that tax has been paid.

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Cigarette tax stamp

  • National Academy of Sciences.
  • Remember - using patent numbers may be misleading.
  • Some cotton growers could also earn the surplus stamps for planting smaller crops.
  • Post Ellisco, Incorporated first known as George D.
  • This was normally done using brass tags with long, harpoon-like shafts that could be driven into the bale.

Only four of these authorized the use of high-tech stamps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The high value of many revenue stamps means that they may contain security devices to prevent counterfeiting. Revenue stamps are stamps used to collect taxes and fees.

Output per man is now a thousand per day. The lowest point in revenue philately was during the middle years of the twentieth century. Another source of information could be a merchandise catalog. There are other types of taxpaids, and literally thousands of different varieties in the types I touched on. The stamp catalogue said that this particular black stamp was rare.

Antique Tobacco Tins & Collectibles

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They may be used by non-commercial entities, when written permission is obtained from the contributor, dota 2 matchmaking so long as all notices and submitter information are included. The construction of your tin may also provide clues to its age. Perhaps one of them will construct an introduction that will supersede this one.

  1. Your tin may have graphics or text that can be attributed to a particular time period.
  2. Revenue stamps were once widely collected by philatelists and given the same status as postage stamps in stamp catalogues and at exhibitions.
  3. With that new information I was able to narrow the field of time to a seven year window.
  4. Initial results not very good.
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