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Crash The app is still crashing when I enter the dailer. Bug I have tried some versions, all of them had the same bug. Dont respond if you dont have a clue. Looking forward to future updates.

Otherwise absolutely superb app. Great, but needs some tweaking I love Go Launcher's products as of so far. Meanwhile, we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion.

Also notification bar still shows missed calls even if I check them. It tries to sync all the groups, and does so flawlessly, but I don't want any of these groups.

It crashes down every time I try to open it. Other that I love the apps. What would you like to ask? Was hoping new version would be fixed but just the same.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but still get same problem. Useless Still crashes every time you go to dial. One thing I'd like is to be able to choose what field appears in the contacts list. All other functions are working fine. Evernote - stay organized.

You can also download com. It will open contacts but not dial pad. The this app constantly crashes and closes in the middle of saving a number or dialing out.

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It's neat interface coupled with features such as easy search make it really good. Best bit is that it is free. Please check and try again.

Those are my preferential contacts in Google's contact manager, and I want to only use those. It's free though - I guess I'm just used to free and great products from this team. Contacts work fine just can't call em now. Community Experts online right now. It does not contain enough information.

Grant cooper Used for a long time. If a contact does not have a picture, lots of times another contact's picture is shown insted of the default icon. This is annoying as often, we remember the company name, not the person's name. It would be good if favourites tab could also have an option for displaying the most frequently called contacts with some sorting order. Its a wonderful app with novel features and I really love it.

Otherwise it would be the best contact app around. Something weird is going on This app is awesome! Verizon galaxy Looks good great to merge contacts in bulk.

If you push de dialpad button and hide the numpad this false picture disappears and the correct default icon appers on the screen. Very good, but would like an additional feature Excellent app. But will it show the list of people who tried to reach me when my phone was switched off? Now, There's no reason to use this app is I have to open another one just to use the dial pad. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

How to stop missed calls in notification bar on android? Go to your manage apps section and force close your skype app this should fix your problem. The contact section works ok but when you go to make a call the dialer crashes. Send the sms to mobile company diact missed call alert.

Waiting for update, pls do so asap. Works much better on older Android phones. It also will not sync your Facebook but that is do to Google and Facebook fallout. One issue I have is that I can't clear the voice mail if I'm wrong I appologize in advance count from the phone notifications and missed call list. Autosync for Dropbox - Dropsync.

Quite disappointed with this product. Hoe to clear missed calls on go dialer ex. If a pseudo is entered, it takes precedence over the org name, which is good too.

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Please include this useful feature in a future release. Discord - Chat for Gamers.

The phone crashes on load of the dialer and when switched to the dialer from within the contacts. My phone isnt letting me calls on dialer, its just automatically goes to skype how do i get my dialer option back? Add Your Answer I have installed go dialer and it notifies me of any missed calls. But as soon as a person's name is entered, indian wedding album background psd it takes precedence. Browse on the missed calls and you will then see them.

An alternative to the Contacts list in AndroidGO Contacts For Android Ideal Alternative To Stock Dialer & ContactsGO Contacts EX for Android - Free Download - Zwodnik

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How to disable missed calls alert? Unfortunately this option is not available at the moment. They just can't pull the plug on me, just like that! Why do you guys touch something that's perfect to begin with? This problem can confuse me and very irritating.

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Hi, try go to settings then find log then enter there, then you find Missed calls then enter there, then you can see now the lists. Invites me to send a email to a non-existent address. Notification light for sms missed calls viber calls? Crashing Used to be great. When I click on the contact photo, it shows me custom icons for phone and messaging.