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Gravity falls shorts mabel's guide to dating, mabel's Guide to Dating

They center on Mabel and her educational videos on various aspects of her life. But then again Also the weirdly illuminating sky blue of the Mystery Shack's toilet. Rainbow light refracted from a waterfall definitely should not be able to blind Grunkle Stan and set fire to his office. Dipper is quick to correct her in both instances. The title sequence is different every time.

What Mabel thinks will happen when Grunkle Stan sees a rainbow.

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Apparently, Grenda is able to see rainbows when she drinks expired milk. Mabel believes that the world was black and white up until the Depression when color was invented by a magic wizard called Grandolph the Fabulous. Each episode begins with the end of a previous episode, showing the aftermath of some ridiculous event.

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Mabel, Dipper and Candy try to get Stan to have the privilege of seeing a rainbow by reflecting the light from the gravity falls. Grunkle Stan only agreed to take part in Mabel's dating quiz because he was promised bacon. Grunkle Stan after seeing Mabel's rainbow. Mabel's advice to Dipper after scoring his dating quiz. On the dating quiz, which has a scale of one to five, saprissa vs carmelita online dating Soos gets a twelve.

When Soos announces that he is the world's most perfect man. That is one hell of an Empathic Environment. He is also able to summon a flock of birds to his shoulders, for some reason. Mabel has a whole collection. All you'll ever need to know.

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Mabel's Guide to Dating