Haldi Ceremony Songs

Applying Haldi on Bride and Groom will make sure that they will not get hurt by any evil eyes. Has there ever been a time in history when weddings have not celebrated Bollywood? And the haldi ceremony definitely holds a special place in the Hindu marriage rituals across the country. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is a perfect family-oriented haldi ceremony song which will be liked and cherished by all generations.

Best Top 10 Haldi Ceremony Songs

Haldi Ceremony

Also it helps you to get fairer skin tone when applied with rose water or even with plain water. Haldi powder when used as anti-septic gives you a clear and pimple free skin. One of the ingredients used in Haldi ceremony is curd.

Bengalis apply Haldi with hands and no other elements are being used to apply the same. Haldi is applied on face, shoulder, hands, opera computer browser knees and finally feet.

Haldi Ceremony The Auspicious Indian Ritual Explained Playlist

For some cultures the grooms wear white Dhoti and white Kurta, but for the bride it is always yellow and red combination saree or salwar kurta for Haldi occasions. As said that the colour yellow is very important in Indian tradition.

In Haldi Ceremony, not only the turmeric powder is used and applied on the bride and groom, but also there are other ingredients that are mixed with turmeric powder. This song, when played at the haldi ceremony, has the potential to make the ambiance awesome. Not mixed with Haldi but Henna is used as individual ingredient in the ceremony.

Vermillion, the symbol of married women, is also mixed with haldi in some communities. Yet another reason that haldi ceremony is part of the wedding ritual is that it serves as an excellent beauty enhancer, an age-old beauty pack. Therefore it can be added towards the end of the ceremonies and at the bottom of the playlist. With friends and family having a good time, it is surely is a stress-buster for the bride and groom too. For some cultures, it starts from the top of the head.

There can be different songs chosen for the bridal and different ones chosen for the groom. There are a number of wedding songs that can be used in any ritual under an Indian wedding. But to specify only the Haldi ceremony I have collected few songs that can be played during the ritual. Nothing serious, just light and funny. Once again this song will prep the bride for the upcoming D day.

Mostly people like to wear yellow cloths on Haldi ceremony. The reason behind it is the colour is said to be used to alleviate evil eyes buri nazar. The sacred haldi paste that is used for the auspicious haldi ceremony has a number of ingredients which makes the paste so beneficial for the skin, superficially and from the inside too. Haldi is best known for anti-inflammatory ingredient so applying it on skin can solve a many of your skin problems. Basically any song that has Haldi, shaadi, mehndi and moreover up-beat dance music can be used in Haldi ceremony.

Haldi is among the most cherished ceremonies in the desi culture. Bhumbro BhumbroA song that will speak to the spirit of the bride. You can enjoy this song with family and friends that form such an important part of the occasion. It is said that the bridal haldi, applying on unmarried friends and siblings can lead them to get married soon. It is a fun and frolic song that is often chosen to add the flavours of joy and enthusiasm in the crowd gathered for the haldi ceremony.

You can pick your favourite one and use it in your occasion. The yellow colour considers being very propitious in Indian traditional customs.

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Needless to say you have to go with it if you want to go with a safe song that is almost always liked. The oil is used with dust haldi to make a soft paste.

It depicts the prosperity and well-being of life. Mustard Oil is the main ingredient in Haldi mix.

For us Indians, haldi has always managed to hold a very special place, be it in our cuisine or the auspicious rituals. It is a conventional and traditional song with a hint of folk element splashed in it.

Preity Zinta, Hrithik Roshan. London ThumakdaEver since this song has released, it has been a hit in all haldi and mehndi day events. Many people have curd and sugar before heading to any important work.


In all the customs and cultures, Haldi applied to the groom first and then the same Haldi is applied to the bride. The married women apply it first then the other family members apply one by one.

Best Top 10 Haldi Ceremony Songs

The raw turmeric boosts the complexion and keeps the skin free of rashes. The ritual takes place prior to the main wedding ritual. The mythological beliefs also claim that application of haldi on our skin also cleanses and purifies our soul like fire does.

Best Top 10 Haldi Ceremony Songs - TOP 10 SONGS

You can also read the article to know the things required for hindu wedding pooja. All the family members and friends can join together to sing along this awesome song which has the right notes of traditional Rajasthani music to it. Sandalwood has skin-healing and pigmentation removal properties. It is an awesome song to shake a leg to and make the best of the happy moments with a bit of playfulness.

Sandal is also said to be an important element to make your skin fairer. The colour of haldi brings a sense of peace and prosperity which is considered an auspicious aspect as one embarks on the journey of married life ahead, with the blessings of God and elders.

It is a holy ingredient that is a must for the brides and grooms to prepare them for their married life ahead. You will see the elders of the families especially the grandmothers enthusiastically singing along with this cheerful haldi song. It is a time for celebration as only the people close to the family and close friends take part in this ritual.

They have been around for years and they are played in almost all wedding ceremonies. That is why it is used in Haldi as well. This song is very upbeat and has some tunes which will force you to be on the dance floor.