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Did test on website at time of purchase, said they would work in my area, when trying to hook up when received, sprint tech support said would not work in this area. If you're a Sprint customer, you want to get rid of your landline, and you happen to live in an area with poor cell coverage, we would definitely recommend getting the Airave. According to Sprint, Serial number was already active on someone elses account.

The Sprint Airave becomes an island unto itself
  1. Not too big a deal for me, still works for what I need.
  2. Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price.
  3. We do carry multiple items in stock for most of our products and will first attempt to replace the item before providing a refund.
  4. We do not have means to reimburse already-purchased postage or cover return shipping in any other manner.
Sprint Airave (Post 1 has a quick FAQ for help) - Sprint

When making calls while the Airave is connected, you will hear two short beeps prior to ringing, so that you know the Airave is functioning. If you order late on a Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday, your item s will not ship until the next business day, which is Monday. Sounds great, you but lacks vision.

Place your device close to a window and in a central location. If you have the Airave unlimited calling plan, all calls made while connected to Airave won't be deducted from your minutes. Returns If you have an issue, please contact us through eBay first before leaving feedback. For local pick-ups, tell we accept cash or card.

Sprint Airave (Post 1 has a quick FAQ for help)

You may checkout with any major credit card through PayPal if you do not have a PayPal account. Solid red Hardware problem. Sprint claims that the Airave supports multiple active callers, depending on available bandwidth. Visit manufacturer site for details.

Their small investment has brought them much business since. Ensure that the Indoor Cell Zone is set at the highest priority. The performance junkie's hot hatch. Payment Payment All transactions should be paid for through eBay using PayPal as it is our preferred method of receiving payment.

We found that it worked as promised. Perform the following steps. There's also a monthly fee. The unit was pre-activated not as advertised user should be banned from eBay. But the tech stayed with it and it only took a day to get it going.

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Also, if you leave the house while connected the Airave, the call will automatically redirect to the nearest cell tower without dropping the call. For best results, place the device in an elevated location, such as the top of a bookshelf or tall cabinet. We do have the ability to cover return shipping in some instances at the discretion of our support team if you're able to print a label. But born and rasied in Austin. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.

The actual transmission speed of your Indoor Cell Zone is only as fast as your maximum broadband connection speed. We already had pretty decent reception, about three bars, so we didn't know if it would make that much of a difference. Best portable chargers and power banks for iPhone. Ensure that the Indoor Cell Zone has the highest priority. It's worked great ever since.

Hook up sprint airvana NOTE If the supplied

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AIRAVE and User Guide

Airave Set Up and Troubleshooting

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Contact the customer support number located on the insert included in your Indoor Cell Zone documentation package. It's like having your own mini-cell tower. Sprint comped the Airave and monthly fee, and reception is great now. After installing and turning on your Indoor Cell Zone for the first time, free mobile dating sites india take notice of an automated setup sequence.

Extra calls will be directed to a cell tower instead. Sprint even gave it to me for free with no fee, and, I couldn't be happier with it's performance. Outside it sometimes hangs onto the Airave beyond where a reliable call can go through. Follow the recommendations below to ensure that it runs optimally. This device is what kept me with Sprint when it came out, because they were the only ones to have anything like it.

Connected to the Internet. The Bottom Line The Sprint Airave is an easy way to boost your Sprint cell coverage at home, and possibly replace your landline in the process. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Looking for a pocket-size power bank for charging your iPhone on the go?

YouTube cracks down on stream-ripping sites that pirate music. During the holiday season, we do ship most weekends. It's basically your own private Sprint cell tower, fed through your internet connection. The Airave comes preactivated from Sprint, skype so all we did was connect the cables and power it on. Pleasure to work with Thank You.

The Sprint Airave becomes an island unto itself

Airvana C Spire User Manual

Captain Sexy Android Enthusiast. This guide also provides troubleshooting information to isolate common issues with your Indoor Cell Zone installation. Out of the box, the Airave looks like an ordinary wireless router. Looking for an AirPods alternative that costs a lot less? Idk what returning would do exactly?

If this problem persists, call Customer Support as described in Getting Help. How to choose between Switch Lite and New Switch. The best thing I've tried this year. Note that you'll require a router for the broadband connection. The Airave works with all Sprint phones and comes preactivated.

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Airave Set Up and Troubleshooting Ting Help Center

  • How do I know if my phone is connecting through my Indoor Cell Zone?
  • Was not able to use either unit.
  • All items are shipped with tracking.
Sprint Airave 2.5 reviewed four and a half months in

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They take pride in their ability to add new items daily to our store and provide extremely fast shipping. Did test again, said will not work. Returns Returns If you have an issue, please contact us through eBay first before leaving feedback. It works Not quite as advertised.

So I stuck with Sprint because they gave me the Airave which solved my problem and the lowest priced plan. This document contains information that is the property of Airvana. Payment All transactions should be paid for through eBay using PayPal as it is our preferred method of receiving payment. No, create an account now. Return shipment cost is the responsibility of the buyer.

Airave - Blinking lights Ting Help Center

Phone was set to sprint only per tech and still did this. Note the maximum speed value.

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