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Look at the frets closest to the nut especially. Powered by The free listing tool. Items will be shipped within business days upon payment receipt.

Vega banjo serial number dating How can about it will probably sell for instance? Although I can't verify it. Brand Only one factor can trump bad condition, and that's brand.

We are affiliated with a store within the city limits of Chicago. If wooden, is it in good condition? We, My wife Rosalie and I do our best when listing an item to be as accurate as heavenly possible. Shipping Fees Are Non-Refundable. The centerline of the neck had the black inlay.

Kay Musical Instrument Company

Bridge Height and Neck Angle The early models had shallow neck sets and low bridges that increased in angle around with taller bridges. But I will enclose this piece in case you want it. If guitar-style, 100 free spanish dating are the gears exposed or covered? Dark stained plain birch back and sides.

Blue felt inside, in almost mint condition. No cracks or gouges anywhere. Kay Musical Instrument Company is a musical instrument manufacturer of the United States, dating a conservative catholic in operation from the to present day. Has some oxidation in spots. Guitar-style or Planetary Tuners?

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This is the smallest model, chrome tuners. And as long as the pics are up, how to fix the green stuff showing where the resonator meets the neck? With the resonator on, you can't tell that there is only one coordinator rod. New strings and set up by professional player. Stations were seawater samples for if you put it is highly unlikely the discussion forum.

Check out the photos to further judge condition for yourself and feel free to message me with any questions you may have. We are family owned and operated Business! Sadly, most folks I recommend Craigs List or Ebay to start shopping and spending money on things they don't need, and that defeats the purpose.

  • Based on item weight and dimension.
  • Pot is in good condition, with no punctures to the head.
  • These are all our opinions and invite all to research in full our items to the fullest and complete detail.
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Banjo minnow hook up

It was bound on the top, back, sides and around the fretboard. That said, a cheap import brand's best, and best equipped banjo may still be worth less than a good American-made student-line banjo. If payment has not been received. The hardshell case had a green or red silk lining. This one will be no exception.

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If you have questions about any of our items. Later on, four threaded sockets were glued into the resonator, and big machine screws you could supposedly tighten or loosen by hand were screwed through the brackets into the sockets. And, hey, it's a Kay, not a Gibson. You know I have been selling a lot of Banjos. There are scuffs and marks on the outside.

Kay also made banjo's under the kamico name. Condition Yes, it is possible to bring a badly damaged or neglected banjo back to playability, but it's not always worth it. Backless banjos or postwar model will help dating back and s. Nigeria dating preoral his website on my page.

It is possible for one banjo to be worth a quarter of what another banjo with identical features is worth, simply because of cheaper materials and shoddier construction. This banjo has really nice tone and is super fun to play, get it here and save! The saddles were wider than usual. It needs some hinge work and some tolex glued but could be a nice case. Item will be relisted at this time.

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The head is in good shape. Kay was best known for its mid-priced guitars, questions you should i. If you are happy with your purchase.

The shipping company inspects all items. Some J models with non-bookmatched two piece Adirondack spruce tops and some examples with four piece tops. This price will include proper and careful packaging in a box made for shipping guitars. Kay logo on tailpiece, dating keywords pearloid position markers. Then Gibson developed the adjustable bridge.

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There were using his rabbit apologizes extending optimistic. It comes with a chipboard case. Please read the entire auction before you bid. But our mailing address is Roanoke Indiana.

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The Mark Series guitars were particularly interesting among the Gibson flat tops made in the s due to their unique bracing. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kay guitars. The decade following saw a change in finish from varnish to shinier lacquer. Whatever else you get out of our pages, I hope you enjoy your music and figure out how to make enjoyable music for those around you as well. No big deal, just wondering.

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So they are seldom used on the cheapest banjo in any given line, but they are never used on professional banjos. Lack of compliance with the above may result in an eBay report that will affect your rating on eBay. Other equipment from this family dates documentably to the same era. The birch sides and back were stained red. That's why when folks ask me the value of a banjo they've inherited, I'm becoming increasingly hesitant to answer.

It appears to be in over all Very Good condition. If you are not happy, please give us the opportunity to make it right. By the records, between and were built.

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Being that it played okay and not being a banjo person I just let it be. Yes, the frets are real, and the fretboard material may even be a separate piece of wood from the banjo neck. The banjo is missing it's back though. Not necessary, but often helps determine the difference between a student and intermediate instrument within a given line. They didn't have the spikes of the later pop-top banjos.

  1. Aria also made some pop-top banjos, which were very similar to the one on the bottom in volume and tone, but tended to cost a tad less.
  2. Alright I'm cra zy lets have some fun.
  3. Depending on the selected source, there is disagreement about these numbers.
  4. But the latches work well and the inside is clean.
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