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This program are a reality show involving a celebrity and non-celebrity dating for a days dating contract. All we really needed was dating. Hope the rating will increase!

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Hope this drama not failing me. Coming from the dramaworld filled with dramas the complete of this, it took some getting used to. She's total girl crush status. Bong-hee slaps down her National Tae Kwon Do certification card to scare him off before telling him to get lost.

How about jongmina couple? But I feel like the other shows are really really really boring. So I don't really get how this would come as a surprise. Loved this drama and happy that I watched it. Bong-hee recognizes him from the subway that day, and she suddenly realizes that this must be her real groper.


Look at this episode it felt disconnected, I couldn't connect to it. The breadcurmbs are thereI guess the murder is the same one that the creeper saw, right? Ji-wook holds out her compact, intending to leave it and go, but Bong-hee quickly shoves the glass into his outstretched hand and pours a drink.

Free korea pinterest marriage without suicide. King Taejo is notified that Su is waiting in the marriage chamber, which gives him momentary pause. But since Baek-ah was on her side by whatever offscreen means necessary, it was great to have him be the one to convince So as to why he needed to intervene in the marriage.

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For that matter, neither are we. That's what makes the story severely flawed. It doesn't necessarily mean end game for him but it does give the story a sort of balance. Also, black I honestly think the cheese was intentionally forced in that scene precisely because he was so delightfully awkward in delivering it. All in all I really liked the first episode.

How much better if they had it done it properly. Reverse harems are one of my favorite tropes, im really glad we got to see more of that today. He ends up with another twisted arm while Bong-hee calls him trash and tells him that he left some things at her place. He does not inform Meryem about this fact and acts as if they have just made a car accident and hit a barrel. Honestly, I'm having a hard time even analyzing whatever flaws I noticed here and there because I'm too busy smiling because of them.

How could they not focus on the friendship more when tons of fillers could be edited out. But I love them when they're done well and so far this one's working for me. Hey, is she just taking a history subject here?

Funny as I said, lovely story line, good acting and good support actors and actresses. Su crosses her arms over her chest protectively, unwilling to disrobe in front of strangers. These two are strong together.

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This version is even better bcoz the Chinese version was sad. Inasmuch as they are disappointed by their ratings they shouldnot forget that they have international fans who actually love this show. On top of that it feels wrong to cut the eps halfway. See the irony of it, online trinidad they were trying to save her but instead she saves them all.

Or maybe some were discovered but they havnt connect the dots. Which is impossible but the show doesn't dwell on that. There was something so ominous about the build-up at the very end.

Chae-ryung completely supports her decision, and vows never to speak a word of her escape. Now I don't know what to think! Wook crying scene is tad different, is just Hae Soo having her hand on his shoulder, not hugging him.

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  1. Started watching this series because I was in bed sick but not expecting much since the rating was so low.
  2. It's almost like there were too many behind the scenes powers, pushing their own agenda and trying to jump on board what was expected to be a blockbuster drama.
  3. Ji-wook tells her that he has nothing to hide, unlike some people.
  4. This isnt the first time this has happened in this genre, I doubt there's any Cheese level protagonist assassinating conspiracy going on here.
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Once to read the subs, another to watch their expressions without focusing on subs, and a third just to admire the pretty! Still, she tries to be nice, offering to buy him dinner if she finishes her internship without killing him. She has been dating with Oktay Cemal Toktas for a long time and dreams to become his bride.

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He is annoying and a very difficult mentor but does not come off as haughty or arrogant. It's just annoying to watch a character pining away over someone that doesn't want them knowing it will lead to nothing but the same old predictable ending. She drifts off a bit, and when she wakes later, Ji-wook is gone. The female characters so far except Lady Hae also are pretty one note which is why I find myself increasingly disappointed with no Wang So. In love with first episode.

  • He and Su drinks almost every night.
  • Here are what I have noticed in most Kdramas esp.
  • He was born to rule Goryeo.
  • And him helping her dismount even though he doesn't want to?
  • Cut to Wook finding out about the marriage, which Princess Yeonhwa and her elder supporters seem to be all about.

How could he do that to me and my poor weak heart? Meryem, on the other hand, just thinks that Oktay could not propose due to the excitement and tries to hide her frustration. To me it seemed like Not-so-welcome Guy approached her and in her drunken and contact-less state she first assumed him to be Ji Wook, before she realized it was not. And there is also this scene where Soo holds Wook in her arms right after he pushes her away. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Unconcerned about his reputation, she asks again if they slept together. The drama deserve good ratings. Let's promote public health, people! So, hook up apps singapore it seems rather rushed.

Looking forward to the next episode. Also, does anyone else think Na Jihae was the woman at the hotel with Heejoon? Wook scoops her up in his arms and carries her outside where the other princes have been waiting. It's the messed up editing that spoil the experience.

Do the research So please stick to what you originally planned and your viewers will stick to your show and even get more viewers to watch. They have an embarrassingly loud argument, with Bong-hee complaining about him touching her ass and Ji-wook insisting that he did no such thing. Next thing we know, we find Su sitting with Baek-ah, who talks about having to wait to join Lady Hae in the afterlife. Other than the secretary, I don't find humor anywhere else!

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