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Developed by Facebook Inc. Observe magnetotail dynamics, including phenomena possibly analogous to substorms in the Earth's magnetosphere.

Flyby encounter with Earth. Detect wave-particle interactions with the magnetosphere. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Science instruments on satellites and spacecraft. Most helpful critical review.

Report this app to Microsoft. Considering I can't even log in because I have two-factor authentication enabled on my Facebook account, I'm going to award this one star. Determine the composition of the radar-reflective materialmaterials gyms at Mercury's poles.

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Additional information Published by Facebook Inc. Measure interplanetary plasma properties in cruise and in Mercury vicinity.

Italics here indicate active current missions. Characterize exosphere neutrals and accelerated magnetospheric ions. Most of the time, this is my only way to communicate.

Investigate the processes that generate and maintain the exosphere. Flyby encounters with Mercury. Flyby encounters with Venus.

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Only a small portion of each orbit was at a low altitude, where the spacecraft was subjected to radiative heating from the hot side of the planet. Astronaut Hall of Fame Space program on U. Charles Bolden congratulates Eric Finnegan following the successful orbital insertion. Measured the magnetic field around Mercury in detail to determine the strength and average position of the field.

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Facebook Messenger started working. Got a link from messenger. Messenger integrated with Uber to let U. Published by Facebook Inc. Users can interact with dedicated apps, including play games, collaborate on music playlists, convert x to cd and book flights.

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The ceramic-cloth sunshade is prominent in this view. Spacecraft missions to Venus. Neither really gives me anything I can't already get on the web page. Characterize the geometry and time variability of the magnetospheric field.

The spacecraft had fully recovered by about seven hours later. Additionally, users are able to capture screenshots, and live filters can change the color or lighting in the feed. List of Solar System probes List of lunar probes List of space telescopes.

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Surface hollows in the wall of crater Sholem Aleichem. During the encounter, all instruments were used to observe Venus and prepare for the following Mercury encounters.

Absolute garbage programming, and a totally avoidable situation. Facebook added support for multiple accounts in the apps. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. This orbit was chosen to shield the probe from the heat radiated by Mercury's hot surface.

It received points for having communications encrypted in transit and for having recently completed an independent security audit. And I don't care if this app only has users. Manned flights are indicated in bold text. One suggestion I could add is to integrate facebook's instant games into this app.

Each panel was rotatable and included optical solar reflectors to balance the temperature of the array. Search for polar deposits of volatile material, and determine how are the accumulation of these deposits are related to exospheric processes.

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Characterize field-aligned currents that link the planet with the magnetosphere. Spacecraft missions to Mercury. The supervising personnel switched on and tested the craft's science instruments to ensure they had completed the journey without damage.