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To get started, you will have to complete a registration process. Daily Deals are for special event auction items. WellBid is a unique site in that it is international. The auctioneer receives the money paid for each bid, plus the final price of the item.

You can find products ranging from kitchen appliances to tablets to phones. Based in Cyprus, the site focuses on the different cultural and economic differences of its users. There are also no reserve auctions, in which the system will lock out bids after a certain point so that no more bidders can participate. Know exactly what you're bidding on. This site is very straightforward and does not have many gimmicks.

You will find health and beauty items, phones, household appliances, toys, and gift cards. That time allows others to outbid you.

It relies heavily on the traditional penny auction format, but also offers other bidding options. There are winning strategies and winning styles you can use to give yourself better chances to win including the psychological aspect of this game, which in many aspects is very similar to poker. Bidding is free and most bids begin at one dollar. You can also use the autopilot feature to bid for you.

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Some bidding fee auction sites have been shut down by state governments after investigations. You can win or lose money at this game.

It is you vs every one else who is bidding or thinking of bidding on a particular auction. Put simply, penny auctions are websites where customers cast non-refundable bids in auctions which increase the final auction price by a small, set increment. Some dishonest auction sites use bid bots, which are computer programs that automatically bid on behalf of the website.

Mystery price auctions do not state the minimum price so you can start with a low bid. Penny Auctions Canada is an auction website that specializes in everyday items such as jewelry, fashion, household goods, electronics, and gift cards.

The short answer is that QuiBids is a rare exception to the rule that all penny auction websites are scams. QuiBids also has a buy-it-now option.

Best Penny Auction Sites Top Penny Auctions Online

They are a psychological battle of wills. Penny auction websites are quickly becoming all the rage with the online auction community. You can also bid on jewelry, coins, and a variety of other items.

The auction is extended each time a new bid is placed, typically by ten to twenty seconds. In a penny auction, you have to pay to bid. If you place a bid in an auction and end up not winning it then you have spent and lost money.

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You can find more helpful penny auction articles below. It is a mid-sized penny auction site that offers different types of auctions for both new and established users. Save copies of all emails between you and the auction site, too. If you are ready to try your luck at an online penny auction site, choose one from our top penny auction list and good luck in the auctions!

Best Penny Auction Sites Top Penny Auctions Online

You can utilize timed reserve auctions, in which there are limits on the number of participants in a certain time range. If that doesn't work, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc. This can be confusing, so you need to check your bid ahead of time. The only special feature offered is No Jumper auctions. As each person bids, the auction time increases by a certain amount.

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Washington state shut down PennyBiddr after a lawsuit in which the state accused PennyBiddr of using shill bidding to drive up prices and extend auctions. Tips, advice and bidding strategies are linked throughout this site. And what makes QuiBids so special? They also donate to charitable organizations.

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Participants pay a fee to purchase bids. How does a penny auction work? Users of this site have access to auctions at a variety of price points, including one cent, two cents, five cents, ten cents and twenty cents. How to Win Penny Auctions. Penny Auctions Canada Penny Auctions Canada is an auction website that specializes in everyday items such as jewelry, fashion, household goods, electronics, and gift cards.

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The site follows the traditional penny blog format, with making bids within a certain time frame. Latest Penny Auction News. Police Auctions Police Auctions is a unique penny auction site that offers a variety of auction types, 123 music mp3 from government auctions to foreclosure listings. Auction types include normal and reveal.

For established users, there are more competitive auctions that are specifically for higher end products. QuiBids QuiBids is a popular penny auction site with a variety of fun and useful features.

Users can win up to ten auctions within a day period unless otherwise listed on individual auctions. But anybody who's been to any sort of real auction knows that's just how auctions work. WellBid WellBid is a unique site in that it is international. You can also purchase items outright. Your long term penny auction goal is to win as much value as possible with as few bids spent as possible.

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