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My dad is a businessman and mom is a home maker. Dance is something which comes naturally to me. As an actor, what are your worst fears?

Gaurav Pawha introduced me to performing on stage and my college degree taught me how to face the camera. Surprisingly they took the news calmly and gave me a go ahead. However, she is better now.

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Everyone on the sets gets upset with us as we keep cracking jokes even during romantic scenes. Much later I realized that doing commercials gives you exposure as well as experience in front of camera. Laughs Tell us about your growing up days? Reports suggest that the couple met with an accident on their way back from Khandala, near Panvel on Sunday morning. Our family is basically from Rajasthan who later shifted to Delhi.

Till then I had only danced on the stage for a performance. My first ad was with Ranbir Kapoor for Pepsi.

There was no one to advice me. Shivani has a few stitches on her forehead and I got four on my foot as a result of landing on broken glass pieces. With confidence you can pull off any joke.

Besides being a superb co-star she is also a terrific dancer. Titu has a comic angle to his personality.

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Though the role was small I got to learn many things from veteran like Abhinay Deo who was the director of the show. The most difficult part is to do romantic scenes with her! As a part of our study we had to make short films, documentaries. When did the acting bug bite you? She is relaxed and smiling even during the most difficult shoot.

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Our teacher and mentor Ms. So how and when did your hobby turn into a passion?

What is the experience of working with co-star Sonia Balani? It so happened that Priyansh's car rammed into a truck and we hear that the actor suffered minor bruises but Sonia was severely injured and rushed to the hospital immediately. Sonia has got a few stitches above her left eyebrow and had a concussion in her brain. We wish Sonia a speedy recovery! Even after shooting for so many months, blind kim ha neul dating Sonia still holds herself back while doing romantic scenes which puzzles me.

When I started, I was worried about giving retakes. Quite frequently I have been asked this question! How the journey progressed once you landed in Mumbai? The entire feel of being surrounded by creative people, backstage buzz developed the sense of belongingness in me.

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