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Generation of Computer, The internet, etc. Syllogisms Problems with numerous statements and multiple conclusions can be dealt with. Double Line Up These problems are usually negatively informed so, the candidate is required to attempt clean charting, proper technique and step-by-step solving of the problem. So here we have mentioned the Topics and subject wise details of the State bank of India Probationary Officer syllabus.

With the help of syllabus and exam pattern, professional music mixer you will clearly get the idea about the frequency of questions and topics that can be asked in the examination paper. The exam paper focuses on the quantities ability and computer aptitude.

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Practicing mock tests are an important part of any exam preparation and every aspirant must utilize it for their own benefits. Aspirants can access specialized books, E-books, etc. While books may be your best friend at the initial stage, moving on you will need some advanced study material like videos, test papers, etc. Hindi and English Hindi will not be applicable for English language section.

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Before choose the city, candidates must go through the Examination center list. Before starting the preparation, it is important to have complete knowledge about the type of questions and topics that are frequently asked in the exam. Our team member will assist you in a better way.

Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle. The exam structure differs for both Prelims and Main. Spellings Candidate will have to choose the word that is correctly spelled or wrongly spelled from the given options. Questions in this category are less likely to appear. Input-Output Words and numbers are arranged based on some pattern which is to be identified and applied on the question statements to arrive at the output.

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Ordering and Ranking Several questions on arranging by age, floor, rank, an order in row etc. This includes meaning based, letter based and number based questions. Problems based on simple ratios, compound ratios, proportions etc. Mostly possibility based questions will be asked. These questions are also less likely to appear and includes letter based and meaningful words based questions.

Mostly direct mathematical inequalities problems are asked in the inequalities concept. Cause and effect, the course of action, statement and assumptions, statement and arguments, statement and inferences, statement and conclusions and critical reasoning questions are possible.

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Logical Sequence of WordsEligibility Test. Candidate will be given an incomplete long sentence with four options to choose from to complete the sentence meaningfully.

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As the name suggests, questions pertaining to the family tree and coded blood relation will be asked in this category. Circular Seating Arrangement This concept basically includes uni-directional and bi-directional problems i. Double blank type questions. Words and numbers are arranged based on some pattern which is to be identified and applied on the question statements to arrive at the output.

The fact-based and inference based questions require a thorough reading of the passage and sometimes could be a bit tricky. Phrase Idiom Meaning To attempt this topic candidate must be sound with the interpretation of given phrase idiom. The syllabus is similar to previous years. Questions are asked whether the conclusions follow or not.

Online Free Video Classes. Mostly questions include coding and decoding by letter shifting, coding by analogy and coding letters of a word. Synonyms, antonyms, and meanings of phrases will be asked in vocabulary based questions.

Sometimes, the correct order is asked. Words are usually easy to moderate, but there is always one or two tough words. Data sufficiency problems are based on almost all the topics mentioned above. Problems based on completing the series, finding the missing term, finding the wrong term. Join Us on Facebook to Get Latest.

Grouping and Selection These are the questions which are less likely to appear. The State Bank of India is one of the top banking sectors which conducts the recruitment drive to fill in various vacancies across the organization. There may be conclusions which can be extracted from these statements. These questions may be paired with blood relations or some other double line-up information along with circular arrangement information which makes the problem more difficult and time-consuming. Deriving Conclusions from Passages.

Click Here to Apply Online. Basic questions are asked from the probability section. Questions in this category could be asked either from grammar or vocabulary section.