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Do you have a list of the most important ones? Each chapter consists of a large number of topic wise problems. Do you have trouble tracing cables from one piece of equipment to another?

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Each chapter in the book opens with a time-saving summary of the principal formulas for the relevant area of physics. It sounds pretty user friendly. Keep posting these types of blog. The data given in irodov is such that if your solution is correct the answer is imaginary.

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Solutions to I E Irodov - Problems in General Physics

Related materials on maths are also available. You can download it from the links provided below. First of all study all the concept of the targeted chapter. Also, the main physical constants and tables are summarized at the end of the book along with the Periodic System of Elements and Table of Elementary Particles also covered in the book.

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IE Irodov Problems in General Physics Book Solution PDF

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I E Irodov Problems in General physics and Solution eBook