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The initial report on Telford comes from Dr. Eli is exploring the ship and has no idea what room he is in. He orders an evacuation to Earth.

Stargate Universe episodes American television seasons American television seasons Stargate seasons Canadian television seasons Canadian television seasons. Lists of Canadian television series episodes Lists of American science fiction television series episodes Stargate episodes Stargate Universe episodes. Meanwhile, a planet harbors a secret that threatens the Destiny in the first-season finale. The show has stand-alone episodes as well as multi-part episodes, and it also has more season-long story and character arcs running through every episode than any other Stargate series.

Some worry that the stress of life on board the ship has finally begun to trigger nervous breakdowns. The series was moved from the franchise's usual time on Friday to Tuesday, along with Caprica.

Their goal is to try to determine the purpose of the mysterious ninth symbol of the Stargate, which they've never been able to lock in. However, the atmosphere and the ice around the area of the Stargate is poisonous, medstudy and they'd have to expand their search with limited air in the environmental suits. The Official Stargate Magazine. Stargate Universe is the title of the third live-action science fiction television series in the Stargate franchise.

Rush are having nightmares about their period of captivity. Visiting a newly discovered jungle planet, the crew is amazed to recover a Kino by the gate. Riley put on the space suits so they can start repairing damaged power conduits.

Spencer is found shot in his quarters, Lt. Rush supervises the exploration of new areas of the ship. Brody objects to the name, but his fellow scientists simply go along with Eli's nickname to annoy him.

Rush believes that the aliens are only after one thing - the Destiny itself. The clock is ticking down and the next jump will take them into an inter-galactic void forever leaving their friends behind. Brody are watching South Park when Lt.

Donning two of the ships deteriorated spacesuits, Col. Nicholas Rush suspects Colonel David Telford of spying for the Lucian Alliance after he has a disturbing dream about a meeting with them. They find a desert planet that should have what they need but they will have to locate a dried lake bed as it will be the likely source.

Elyse Levesque Chloe Armstrong. All military personnel are about to be executed when the next burst hits the ship.

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Others, determined to survive, vie for a seat on the departing shuttlecraft. Eli talks about one of the hatches that is sealing a damaged compartment. However, there is only room for seventeen people and no time for additional trips, so a lottery is held to determine who will leave. At the end, the ship shakes suddenly and everyone leaves to find out what happened. The ship's water supply dwindles, prompting Col.

However, battle damage is also evident, as shown by numerous hull breaches. Scott to visit a frozen planet in search of drinkable samples.

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After testing numerous sand samples without success, and with their window of opportunity closing fast, the group opts to split into two to cover more ground, despite the unbearable heat. But, unbeknownst to all, forces are at work that no one could have foreseen. Meanwhile, dissatisfied with the military leadership, the civilian population stages a coup to take control of the ship. Upon landing, everyone is amazed to discover that the atmosphere and terrain are idyllic. They manage to negotiate at least a temporary truce when it's determined that a module on the exterior of the ship requires repair.

The water reserves are mysteriously disappearing, in massive amounts, and members of the crew are quick to blame others. Brody, Park, Morrison, Sgt. Matthew Scott, before lapsing into uncons. Meanwhile, the crew on the Destiny continues their attempt at gaining access to the ship's flight controls, so they can rescue Eli, Chloe, Scott and Greer.

Meanwhile, Chloe Armstrong has a last chance to see her mother. He has to change his strategy when he realizes that Col. The mystery of the video's origin becomes a secondary concern as members of the team start falling ill. Eli spies on Chloe and Lt.

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With the group's commander injured, Lt. Back in the Milky Way galaxy Dr.

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Facing an incursion, the ship and its crew make preparations to protect themselves and attempt to repair the drive. Using the communications stones, Lt. The Lucian Alliance finds a way to board the Destiny and takes several crew members hostage. Stunned by the implication of this news, everyone considers their fate. Chloe sees her deceased father and they have a pleasant conversation.

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After an aerobraking maneuver with a gas giant, the Destiny is redirected on a collision course with a star. However, Destiny reaches a solar system with t. When it is apparent that Dr. Brody sneak a smoke and catch the Kino watching them. This has caused great strain on the crew as many systems aren't functioning at their full capacity or are simply inoperable.

With only six hours until they jump again, Lt. The crew are in close proximity to one of the three planets.

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Riley realizes that he has to go to the bathroom, but is reluctant to go in the suit despite it being made for that. When their hidden base comes under attack, a band of civilians and military personnel escape through a Stargate on an ancient ship headed into deep space.