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WaveLab remains a powerful and professional wave editing, mastering and audio analysis suite suitable for all kinds of users. Great enhancements to analysis and repair tools. Clip gain can now be applied to the pre or the post-effect chain. The context-related default set of user actions can be individually customized to have always access to your most used tools and functions at your fingertips.

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Another nice touch is that the Video tab actually displays a total of three video players. Once you poke around beyond the basics, however, it becomes clear just how much thought has gone into this face-lift. Those are now thankfully relegated to the background where they belong, allowing you to continue working.

That's really handy for playing around with routing combinations. Shop Software Host Applications.

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Choose between the Classic mode and the new Modern mode to get a much richer sound, while keeping it transparent, bright and clear. This is especially useful when using Room Correction plug-ins. Steinberg's much-loved mastering and wave editing suite gets a facelift as well as some powerful new tools. WaveLab now provides a good deal more control over the environment, offering the ability to collapse and redock control panels, customize and save window layouts, and create key-command lists.

Each group is displayed on its own menu page, and each menu page can have either its own static-colour background, or a unique picture. It would be great to see support extended to Tascam GigaStudio and other software samplers as well.

Cutting, pasting, and other mundane editing tasks run faster and more efficiently, with less disruption of the active playback. Education Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students. The Surround Panner window allows you to pan mono or stereo audio tracks to the surround output.

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This last item is an exceptionally useful tool in determining the actual word depth of a file, alerting you to potentially underused headroom, which can add noise. These down-mix settings can be previewed when you enable the Stereo option on the Master Section, which is pretty handy. Steinberg has definitely put some energy into revving the performance of WaveLab's audio engine, and the results are quite noticeable. Changes in any effects parameters during playback will be dynamically displayed as well. The offset-time between mouse and cursor positions is now displayed on the status bar.

The Video Track offers some great features for those who want to cut against picture in the Montage window. Functionally, that's somewhat akin to Propellerhead's Recycle, though according to Steinberg it is a different technology, based on space, whereas Recycle is amplitude based. All this contributes to a considerably improved work flow.

Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. The new multi-channel support in Montage window, Master Section and real-time analysis windows is particularly welcome. The handy Batch Processor also gets new features, with an audio watermarking option now available.

Delay next Process Activation that delays the processing starting point of the next plug-in in the effects-chain for a defined time, e. This addition makes it possible to perform parallel compression with only one parameter.

Another new feature, Auto Split, allows some interesting file-manipulation tricks. More articles by this author.

If you select Insert Text, Wavelab will display a dialogue for you to configure a Text clip by typing in suitable text and defining how long it should be visible. After you've chosen a file, a Video Clip is added to the video track.

The password field is case sensitive. This update also adds some valuable plug-ins that were previously sold separately, including Spectralizer, Phase Scope, Spectrograph, MultiBand Compressor, Denoizer, and Declicker. Wavelab is possibly the best application of its kind on the Windows platform, and one of the most powerful all-in-one solutions in its price bracket on any platform. Render settings can now be stored as presets.

Steinberg Wavelab 5

This is useful when the Video tab isn't in view, and the behaviour can be toggled from the Options menu in the Video tab of the Montage window. The Meta Normalizer can now analyze the clip gain before or after the clip effect chain. It also introduced the Audio Montage window, a powerful multitrack environment for nondestructive editing. Company Press Careers Distributors. Additional plug-in processors and analysis tools.

Should you have any real-time plug-in effects loaded, the live spectrogram will show you how those plug-ins are affecting the spectral information of your audio as it is being processed. The Live Spectrogram offers a real-time visual representation of the frequency spectrum of your audio file during playback. The Maximizer in the Limiter module now includes a new Modern mode algorithm as well as a Mix controller, opening up more possibilities to achieve the perfect sound. When you route a track to all available surround outputs, Wavelab displays a surround panner in the track, which you can right-click to edit more precisely. Both Wavelab's real-time analysis tools and Master Section offer support for multi-channel functionality.

Steinberg Wavelab 5

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By Electronic Musician Staff. Some new features are exclusive to the Pro edition and others common to the Essentials edition too - you can find a detailed comparison here. Other smaller tweaks and upgrades will be useful to a wide range of users.

As well as the new Spectrogram, the Wavelet display is also highly customizable and presets can be stored. Naturally, the engine also supports bit integer recording while the included plug-in set boasts double-precision processing capabilities as well. Improved dithering algorithm. The Spectrogram offers a customizable view, display settings, color schemes with presets, psychoacoustic scales and all this with unprecedented speed and performance. Good hardware sampler support.

WaveLab has always offered some handy analysis tools, handbook of switchgears by bhel and this update adds a few new items to the menu see Fig. Cons You can't open and edit multi-channel audio files in a sample editor window in the same way you can with mono or stereo files. This is useful when producing e.

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Find your local Steinberg dealer. Manufacturer Steinberg North America tel. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Check out the WaveLab line-up. An increasing number of broadcast companies rely on WaveLab in their daily work because of its outstanding stability and comprehensive feature set.

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Hollin Jones More articles by this author. WaveLab line-up WaveLab Pro is the industry-standard mastering and audio editing platform, whereas WaveLab Elements is the perfect choice for project studios, podcasters and musicians.