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Student dating former teacher, should a teacher date a former student?

Police said the messages were sexual in nature, including Adrian allegedly asking if the teen had a teacher-student fantasy. The teen told police that Adrian was aware he was a student at Olathe East. That's right because they'd suspend you pending a review including talking to the student and their parents. Court documents say, in one of their messages, raymonde dating Adrian told the teen he could lose his job if people found out he was talking to a student.

The age difference doesn't bother me, and I am attracted to him. Police said Adrian then performed oral sex on the teen.

You represent a very real danger to them because you have no problem abusing your position to get close enough to them to develop feelings. If you can't then it's wrong. He's not in a relationship, and I would never deceive myself into believing that it's love or anything like that, but I feel happy after we talk, and often find myself smiling when I think about him. But possibly in the future, what if we encountered each other and went out for coffee or something?

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Because frankly teenage girls talk and another year of you grooming her represents a massive risk to your career. You have absolutely no reason to be close to this one either because she's no even in your class.

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Dating a former teacher?

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According to court documents, Adrian locked his door then began kissing and sexually touching the teen over his clothing. Or spend another year grooming her, developing feelings and go through the heartbreak of this not working and possibly losing your job because of it. If you back off now, if you understand that you've made a mistake and you shouldn't have let things get this far then I can live with that. Adrian asked to meet four more times that day, court documents say. No it's not and yes you are grooming her.

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If there was nothing wrong with that then you wouldn't even need to be here posing this question. According to court records, the teen told police he began talking with Adrian on Sept. So either let this go, learn the lessons from it and not let it happen again.

Next Dating a former teacher? Honestly the idea that another teacher would do what you're doing and pass it off as some kind of romance disgusts me. He's not my teacher now, but was during sophomore year. Court records say Adrian then allegedly wrote the teen a pass so he could be late to his next class, and the teen left the classroom through a back door that led to an empty room. One which you don't sound very suited at anyway because you can't keep your feelings in check and you actively engage in grooming your pupils.

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