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Olivia Lambert LivLambert news. The stares were menacing her as she turned around for a routine bodycheck. She was finally taken to the cell where she would stay and within minutes of arriving, she was approached by many men.

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Also last year, transgender woman Vicky Thompson was found dead in an all-male jail in Armley. Both times the staff refused to do anything except to lock me up and make accusations that I'm homosexual.

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Transgender women in male prisons also deal with the risk of forced prostitution by both prison staff and other prisoners. When she arrived in jail, speed dating sur dijon a prisoner cut her long locks into a crew cut. The report also links the over-use of solitary confinement as a factor in the high rate of suicide attempts by transgender people of color within the prison system.

Further, the same sex marriage or domestic partnership must have been established before the prisoner was incarcerated. Vicky Thompson was found dead in her cell at an all-male prison.

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Many have been subjected to sexual assault and ill-treatment in detention, while others are held in indefinite solitary confinement. Getty Images Mary not once wanted to have sex with prisoners, she said she only did it because she was so scared of being bashed.

Mary said she was forced into performing sexual acts more than times when she was serving her sentence, which was about four years long. Often, however, it is because they are seen as sexual predators rather than potential victims. Prison is not generally an appropriate setting for transsexual individuals to make decisions which are irreversible. Tara Hudson was sent to a female prison after a petition was circulated.

In San Francisco, for example, transgender inmates are automatically segregated from other prisoners. At times, Mary was put into a cell for prisoners who needed protection, but even then she said she was assaulted by sex offenders. By time Mary had made it to her holding cell, news had travelled through the prison that she was transgender.

She transferred to other prisons across the state and while she was assaulted at all of them, she said Boggo Road was the worst and most violent. Advocates for transgender prisoners argue that this method only increases the harassment they receive from officers and various other staff members as reported by Injustice at Every Turn. There was one other person in the prison however, who did understand Mary.

She sat in the jail cell, surrounded by some male prisoners who were awaiting court, or who had just returned. Her lawyer was pushing to get her into a female prison as Thompson told friends she would kill herself if she had to serve her sentence in a male prison.

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Due to Synthia Kavanagh's life sentence, this was not a foreseeable option. Unlike Mary, this transgender woman was not able to live with what happened to her.

She was also a transgender woman and too was targeted for sex. But this is something that happens all over the world. As she stepped into the reception area of the jail, she felt all eyes fall upon her as she continued to walk closer to her cell.

Just last year, transgender woman Tara Hudson spent a week in an all-male prison in Gloucestershire where she was tormented. Laverne Cox plays the part of a transgender prisoner in Orange is the New Black. The male inmate will then pay the correction officer in some way and sometimes the correction officer will give the woman a portion of the payment.