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Proof lies not only in the many, often vehement debates and discussions surrounding contemporary art, but also in the fact it has spread to other sectors of society. It is planned to progressively centralise all foreign operations within them and to extend their presence beyond European borders. No area of the bank s activity must be deliberately and systematically excluded. In the past few years, this district of Turin, Borgo San Paolo, has undergone extensive cultural and urban renovation.

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It neither enforces nor controls the conduct or actions of businesses. Physically close to the communities they serve, they are an integral part of them.

Un ruolo rilevante, inoltre hanno svolto le Soprintendenze regionali che hanno contribuito alla identificazione a alla valutazione dei luoghi da inserire. To give reasons for any exclusions or limitations there may be.

All information considered useful for readers in assessing the economic, social and environmental performance must be included. The results published in this book bear witness to the intense study, analysis and in-depth research about contemporary art in Italy. Reasons must be given for any exclusions or limitations there may be. To communicate the ethical standards of the bank Mission, Vision, Values and Principles.

New and interesting changes emerged regarding clients and commissions, as well as greater dynamism in territories once reluctant to invest in contemporary art initiatives. The group is federal in nature because it preserves and values the legal and operational autonomy of the Network Banks, deeply rooted in the communities in which they operate. These take priority over all other interests and it is on these that we have built our reputation over the years, growing in size, capital strength and efficiency.

Le nostre partnership e sponsorizzazioni

This is underlined by the Group s brand name, a mark of identity and belonging at the same time. The three documents share the general principles of clarity, true and accurate reporting, prudence and accruals accounting based on a going concern assumption.

The Foundation is located in the former power plant of the Lancia car factory, gift giving etiquette dating a recently restructured industrial building dating to the thirties. The important Award named after the artist was created in and is open to up-and-coming artists.

Banca Carime - Opinioni dei Clienti

Per sostenere e favorire questi processi di crescita sono necessari strumenti adeguati, a partire da quelli conoscitivi e di analisi delle condizioni di partenza e degli sviluppi nel tempo. The Foundation organises a range of cultural initiatives and events while the Library and Archives support research on contemporary art. The cloister and park are also open to visitors and host the Gartden, a collection of sculptures and installations by important contemporary artists. The book is a goldmine of information to help us continue the absolutely crucial work of coordinating and researching all the actors involved in this field and making them available on the web. Nevertheless, we must use the knowledge contained in this study, and bend all our efforts to supporting and empowering this rich cultural heritage.

On the one hand the Ministry has dedicated large financial resources to this sector through the Plan for Contemporary Art. Together they create a network, at times close-knit at times looser, but today we prefer to refer to it as a network covering the entire country. Space is not independent and static. The aim of the Foundation is to promote and increase awareness about the work of the artist from Piedmont both in Italy and abroad.

Overall, the study highlighted a lively and dynamic situation which has, however, not been left unscathed by the profound crisis facing Italy today. We were fully aware when we launched the study that in this particular moment in time contemporary art is no longer a niche phenomenon, a privilege for a few connoisseurs and experts in this field. Like architecture before it, contemporary art has in recent years caught the attention not only of the world of culture, but also the media and the literary world. The Castiglia is also a venue for temporary exhibitions.

Any estimates or subjective assessments there may be must be based on explicit and reasonable assumptions. Time creates and destroys space. To make the categories of stakeholders to whom the Bank must report to on the consequences of its activities identifiable.

The winning sculpture is positioned in one of the green areas of the city of Cuneo. Each market has its own distribution network divided into geographical units, supported by specialist units at the Parent Bank. Its aim is to paint a new picture of the status and fruition of contemporary art in Italy. In recent years it has developed a growing tendency to develop abroad in order to support domestic clients with international growth, mainly in the corporate and private banking markets.

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Banco di Brescia continues with its traditional sponsorship of the city s team which plays in serie B. Reopened to the public in after being completely renovated, since it is part of the Turin Museums Foundation. The competitiveness and growth of the entire Italian economy depends on the development of these enterprises. Regional superintendencies also played a crucial role in the identification and assessment of venues to be included in the study.

Servizio clienti

Some of the most important international critics and curators, such as Renato Barilli, Dan Cameron, Angela Vettese and Benjamin Weil have contributed to the project and the organisation. Our aim was to provide a tool to prompt in-depth reflection about contemporary artistic research in Italy, and not only in Italy. The number of branches reflects all the existing authorisations granted by the Bank of Italy and may differ from that published in the Annual Financial Report. Since the autumn of the works in the collections are exhibited in four thematic tours that are changed every now and then so that the visitor always sees different artworks. To include all information and only that information which stakeholders can use to judge the ethical and social performance of the bank in its specific context and business sector.

Tuttavia la ricchezza culturale che emerge dalla ricerca va sorretta e potenziata con tutti i mezzi, partendo dalla conoscenza. To take account of the actual impact that economic and other events have produced on the reality surrounding them. To provide the fullest possible information on the ownership and governance of the bank, in order to give third parties a clear perception of the relative responsibilities. Il nostro Paese ha uno straordinario bisogno di attivare processi di crescita e leve volte a rafforzare il proprio sistema competitivo.

Banca Carime – Opinioni dei Clienti

This goal was achieved by examining all aspects of public and private institutions involved in the production of contemporary art. Notwithstanding the limitations imposed by the current economic crisis, this museum is a magnificent milestone in our journey to enhance the culture of contemporary art in Italy. Abbiamo preso in considerazione, nel caso di strutture private, essenzialmente quelle aperte al pubblico o che per lo meno interagiscano con le strutture pubbliche. Each region was studied and censored, one by one.

It closed a branch in Rome in and opened one in Pesaro. The Turin Municipality also reorganised its own museums. Riaperto al pubblico nel dopo un profondo rinnovamento, dal entra a far parte della Fondazione Torino Musei. We are, unfortunately, aware that some of the venues included in this book have, or may have to, reduce their activities or even close their doors to the public. And finally, that contemporary art can be entrusted with a message of hope for the future.

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This is the direction taken by the Ministry in the past few months, a direction to which I am also personally committed. Social effects must be recognised at the time when they occur and not when the financial transactions which originated them occur.

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The results will soon be posted on the web. To support and enhance growth we need dedicated tools, starting with background knowledge and an analysis of where we are and where we want to be in the future. The Global Compact is not a regulatory instrument. The banks, Compagnia di San Paolo and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, lend enormous support to these cultural initiatives. This can be achieved if art creates the premises to exploit a diffuse and shared heritage without linguistic and cultural borders.

Apart from the inevitable institutional and budgetary differences, we tried to create a museum network which, against all odds, has already produced results previously considered utopian. In other words we focused on artistic or cultural assets produced between the second half of the twentieth century and the present day. We pursue the objective of promoting progress and creating value for all our stakeholders.

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