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See the session topic guide section on security for details. While this is still recommended, in many common web servers a configuration that seems to validate the Host header may not in fact do so. However, it is important to understand what protections it provides and its limitations. To protect against brute-force attacks against the authentication system, you may consider deploying a Django plugin or Web server module to throttle these requests. This file will pass verification of the library that Django uses for ImageField image processing Pillow.

Django also gives developers power to write raw queries or execute custom sql. This can result in records being deleted or data leakage.

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Beyond this, applications may choose to define a whitelist of allowable file extensions for user uploaded files and configure the web server to only serve such files. It is a good idea to limit the accessibility of your caching system and database using a firewall. The malicious user would have to know the secret, which is user specific using a cookie. In Apache, joomla templates dating site this can be easily set using the LimitRequestBody directive.

Take care with any user uploaded files. This will ensure that your Python code is not accidentally served as plain text or accidentally executed. Django does not throttle requests to authenticate users. It is possible to disable the protection on a per view basis or to configure the exact header value sent.

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However, as with any mitigation technique, there are limitations. You should only do this if you know what you are doing.

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While this protects users from most malicious input, it is not entirely foolproof. These capabilities should be used sparingly and you should always be careful to properly escape any parameters that the user can control. Since parameters may be user-provided and therefore unsafe, they are escaped by the underlying database driver. Quoting the attribute value would fix this case.

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