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There is also a lot of preaching in the final sequence about the death penalty and insanity that becomes very annoying. Even if the film was released today it would still be nothing like we have seen before.

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Is it any wonder Hitler wanted Fritz Lang for his propaganda machine, which thankfully led to Lang fleeing to America? Thirdly, it's a powerful meditation on vigilantism and crime. How can I be invisible in the street? Next in a scene in which two detectives elaborate on what they've done to apprehend the killer and everything they say is matched by an image. This film was created by one of the all time great directors in Fritz Lang, Lang's command for the screen is mesmerizing and a joy to witness and so on and so forth.

The film is virtually all built around mood and plot. Yes, the killings, all off-screen, are awful. Lang must have liked him too because he used the character and actor in his following crime epic, The Testament of Dr. It's an intelligent crime story, that shows police and criminals working on different sides and with different means to achieve the same purpose. But I didn't imagine a year-old movie would hold up so well in terms of cinematography, sound, pacing, acting, structure.

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Lorre was perfect for the role, and his acting is flawless and mesmerizing. The police settle upon the idea of looking for people with a history of past mental problems that were pronounced cured and released. The direction and writing of Fritz Lang is beyond comprehensible as he taps into the mind of a serial killer and his complexities.

On the other hand, the underground has its problems. It's interesting to see just how far ahead German cinema was of its American counterpart at this point in time.

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People are in uncontrolled situations corrupted. He's fat, he's cranky, he's an unlikely hero, but he's shrewd, he can read a person's personality at a glance, he's patient. How to find and trace the man, and without this it noticed? As it turns out, the killer is less monstrous than pathetic and compulsive. What strikes me most about this film is its tone.

As harrowing as the story is, none of the gruesomeness is shown on screen. Lorre makes the viewer see, that he is not a criminal by choice but by a sickness of compulsion. Only the State, it seems, can bring order.

On an overall scale, M is a cinematic treasure that has innovation written all over it. It's all transmitted to the viewer through the power of suggestion. Lorre before mobs straw, pray, but not for mercy, but to understand. The film is lead by Peter Lorre in a transcending performance who plays the serial killer and rapist in which the film is centered around.

Secondly, few times has a serial killer been treated with such complexity, compassion and straightforwardness in cinema. Suffice to say the killer in the movie is caught is through identifying his trademark whistling.

There is also no suspense in the film, the chase scene has an obvious conclusion and although you are kept in doubt as to what the fate of the killer will be you don't care, he has no personality. The absurdity of bank robbers and card cheaters with a sense of morals is not lost on the filmmakers. Understandably, panic, fear and general mood affect each individual, but it is fascinating how the individual devices judge, jury and executioner. But the militant lynch-mob mentality is just as scary.

The acting is good, pretty much everyone delivers which is especially unusual in films of this vintage. The killer must locate and catch. But above all, M is a fascinating, exciting thriller. In the story dominate two segments.

When people talk about Fritz Lang they always talk about Metropolis, but I think this is his masterpiece. Yet, M is the first movie that comes to my mind when I think of the themes that have been in Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, Seven and not to mention countless more. One that excels in its technical aspects and enlightens the audience on a topic that other films still have not yet to match M in. Given the panic that is certainly present in this film, que significa ratificar yahoo dating chaos reigned. There is no doubt on my mind that M deserves the recognition it continues to receive from film historians.

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Yet much of this is mostly superficial and a waste of time to continuously state. Lang's ex-wife, Thea von Harbou, a Nazi sympathizer, wrote the film, just before the rise of Hitler.

In a particularly well-done part of the film the scene shifts back and forth between a conference of police and one of the underworld. Most of us are trying to see the best in people. The second half of the game is beyond comparison.

For a film like this to be made in is just shocking. The expression on his face leaves the deepest impression. Lorre plays one Hans Beckert, a lonely man with a history of mental illness, an ordinary man without any qualities or amazing traits. Mabuse, in which Lohmann shows even greater skills. Lorre doesn't do that but rather displays a frightened man, a scared man.

They discuss how they are going to catch the killer. The way in which Lang uses his camera to move through windows, capture shadows, reflections, empty spaces, and shift points-of-view is staggering even by today's standards. Lang, in an almost prophetic sense, captured the state of mind of the German people in as the Weimar Republic was on the brink of collapse and the Nazi Regime was preparing to take over.

Lang himself fled Germany, and ended up in the U. Beckert can't help himself. Another flaw that is often overstated about films from this time period is the slow pace of the early police procedural scenes. There are lots of overhead camera shots. Background sounds, like honking horns and whistles, are precursors of major plot points.

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The media fuels a paranoid frenzy that incites the public. The plot is simple enough, a serial killer is loose and the police can't find, pretty normal. His portrayal of a killer is not of a fearless one but of one consumed by fear.

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When the Mountains Tremble