Yugioh Season 1

The spirit of the puzzle warns Yugi that if he does not let him help, everyone will lose! Joey finally figures out the only way he can win is to call upon his Time Wizard. Then Yugi plays a card hidden in another hat. After, Yugi gave the three million dollars to Joey for his sister.

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Then Arthur arrives and we discover that Yugi would have won but chose to let Rebecca win so she would learn a lesson. Pegasus wins and tells Yugi to compete in the Duelist Kingdom Championship. He plays the Dark Magician with Magical Hats. As they are attacked by several duel monsters, Mai summons the Harpie, Joey summons Gilti. Yugi and his friends follow the direction the ring is pointing then they encounter Para and Dox known as the Paradox brothers.

Watch Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 Online

Watch Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 Online

Joey and the others want to come along and help but without Star Chips they can't go. Eventually Yugi manages to get a monster on the field and things look up, but then Duke manages to destroy one of Yugi's three heart points.

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Pegasus plays Dark Eyes Illusionist, a card with no attack or defence points! The others doubt what Yugi is saying, but Joey seems to think that if the Millennium E. Joey searches his room for it, but, of course, he can't find the card becaus. Plus, then unleash Dungeon Worm which hides underground. All looks bad, until Kaiba, who is still sneaking around, realizes that Yugi is dueling an imposter of.

Yugi overcomes the darkness and uses the help of the millenium puzzle. Bakura accidentally steps on a switch, which triggers an Indiana Jonesish boulder scene to ensue.

Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 Episodes

Then, after using the mystic box, o. He beats her with the black lagoon soldier who destroys her Harpies pet dragon and she gives up.

On the ship, they meet various duelists like Mai Valentine and Weevil Underwood, who throws Yugi's Exodia cards into the ocean! Bakura's Millennium Ring starts to draw Bakura threw the maze. As the others climb steps Kaiba confronts them and won't move until Yugi duels him. Back at the duel, to make things worse, Bonz sends out the Pumpkin King, which injects ectoplasm into the zombies to power them up even more.

They devour them, and a guy who has been swimming near by jumps onto the scene and accuses them of stea. Attempting to foil Weevil's plans, Yugi finds himself worse off than ever as his opponent summons the seemingly impenetrable Cocoon of Evolutio. Yugi stalls with the Swords of Revealing Light but surrenders just as his grandfather did against Rebecca's grandfather. Then, using the heart of the cards, Joey drew and played Time Wizard. Not only that, but the battle he had to wage with his other self has left him scared to duel ever again in case he can't control the.

Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 Episodes

The pure spirit of Yugi comes to Shadi's rescue and they both confront a mental projection of the Dark Magician, doodhwali another mental defense. Rex's dinosaurs are too powerful and the back Joey in a corner. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

As the flying machine rises up out of the ground, Yugi, Joey, and Mai wave good-bye to the people of Simlou. Tea, Bakura, and Tristan are searching around the dueling platforms, determined to find out how Pegasus defeated Kaiba so easily earlier that day. After the Shadow Realm area disappears, Pegasus is missing and the souls remain trapped!

Joey is gloating over his victory, when his stomach begins to groan. Joey for his sister and Yugi to stop Pegasus. Yugi decides to attack with Curse of Dragon. Journey to the Duelist Kingdom. Mai tells him that she will duel him, but only after he beats Joey in a duel.

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After Duke's all-powerful Orgoth the Relentless dices Yugi's entire cadre of monsters into shreds, Yugi only has one turn left before he loses all his heart points! What Joey doesn't know is that Rex has a special surprise in his deck! Yami Yugi plays Mystic Box. Yugi plays a facedown card then switches to Yami Yugi so the latter h. Yugi may have found a way to defeat Panik, but has he lost the plot by telling his opponent how he intends to defeat him!

However, something about Kaiba doesn't seem right to Yugi and he wants to know why. As the rigorous training regime begins to pay off, Joey learns a lot about strategy when he s. Just as Joey's about to give up, Mai appears and gives Joey her qualification card, as he needs it more than she does. With Yugi now in the lead, Pegasus decides to move the game up a notch, and prepares to shift the arena into the Shadow Realm and take the Millennium Puzzle piece.

Yu-Gi-Oh - Season 1

It goes down to the wire, but Joey wins. Just before the duel starts, Tristen runs off to find Seto and Mokuba's bodies. Yugi and his friends tried to push off the boulder, but they couldn't. Yami Yugi plays Tristan's favorite card, the Cyber Commander. After losing his duel to Kaiba, Yugi only has five star chips and is afraid to duel again, thinking that his other self will take over and cause him to do bad things.

The monster consumes the Curse of Dragon. Then, the imposter is revealed and Yugi vows to beat him and make him pay. Now it's time for Yugi to duel with Pegasus. As the Relinquished assimilates the Dark Magician, Yugi changes back to normal to draw one card and play it face down. Unable to touch her Harpie Lady, and still rejecting the help of the spirit, Yugi makes mistake after mistake while Mai powers up her Harpy.